Automated credit decisions

Automated credit decisions will increase your sales and it is easy to integrate the service with your online store. You will identify the customer with an electronic signature or automatically verify the persons authorised to sign in a company. You can support the credit decision with internal and external information and tailor the service to suit your needs.

Customers' demands on service experience are growing

The web has increased demands and the mobile use becoming more common steps up the pressure. Customers want to have an immediate credit decision. From the point of view of risk management, the quality of decisions must not suffer, i.e. it has to be possible to predict and control the credit risk. Credit decision is at the same time also sales: it is perhaps not worthwhile to say ”no” to the customer if credit fitting the profile can be offered. Likewise, a slightly higher credit can be suggested to the customer, if the facility and risk profile allow this.

Three angles to the customer

True to its name, 3D Decisioning Service creates a threedirectional angle to the customer:

1. Credit application
2. Customer data of the credit grantor
3. Asiakastieto’s credit information and rating services

It is easy to include the decision rules in the service, and when necessary, they are easy to change.

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