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We help you find new business customers. With the Company Filter targeting tool, you can find businesses and decision-makers who are likely to be interested in the products and services you offer. You can test the service by subscribing to a free trial account. Free trial accounts can be used once.

With our B2B target group tool you can, for example:

  • create an e-mail or letter mailing list for your campaign
  • assemble a call list with up-to-date phone numbers
  • bring your current customers to the service and, when needed, exclude them from campaigns
  • analyze your current customers and search for corresponding companies
  • use the service as a daily tool for the search or company and phone number data
  • search for growing businesses with Growth Classification
  • Risk rating helps you identify the credit risk associated with your business in time
  • Put your existing customers or target group under surveillance and stay informed of changes 
  • make use of online information and collect leads from fresh online data such as websites, news, press releases, social media and job advertisements

Example prices

Company Filter license from 499e/year (target group prints are billed separately). Unlimited license from 450e/month (includes unlimited target groups for company's own use). For more information on these and other options, please contact our sales team on 010 270 7200 or submit a contact request using the form on the right. 

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