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I am excited over sustainability – why?


Why sustainability is important to us? We all want to live in a good society. Respectively we all want to enhance good things and conditions in our society. Our quality of life is improved by equality, fair treatment and equal opportunities as well by clean environment. Making good things happen contributes not only to those benefiting from the improved conditions but also for those who are doing good. We want to do good as individuals but as a corporate citizen as well.

What does sustainability mean? Our definition of sustainability is broad, it includes environmental, social and governance impact of our actions.

We can contribute

We can and we should contribute for the sustainable future by our direct actions. For example, we must support fight against global warming. On that front we are occupying very energy efficient premises, we enhance collective traffic by providing tickets for “in town” business visits and we have limits on company car emissions. There are also areas where we can improve, the most obvious one is travelling, which has increased significantly because of our integration work. Travelling can decrease by better video communication tools, which we have decided very recently to acquire. Another improvement area is diversity, i.e. that we hire people with different gender, age, origin and so forth.

We are in unique position

Our direct actions are great, but where we can really make a difference is to provide tools for our customers, to make it easier for them to do well based decisions also in sustainability sense. Let me take two examples: corporate responsibility report and positive data. Our corporate responsibility report (known also as ESG report in Finland) is the only service in the world providing insight how all companies, not only listed companies, are behaving in relation to sustainability issues. It is very valuable insight for customer onboarding processes and when choosing right suppliers. Positive data on consumers is the most efficient mean to fight against overdebtness of consumers. It has become more and more important when debt is available easily and everywhere. We have excellent services both in Finland and Sweden even though they are different solution for regulatory reasons.

Transparency and trust

With our services and future service development we can become the true sustainability enabler to our societies. This idea inspires me greatly and I hope that you are sharing our great societal mission.

Jukka Ruuska
CEO, Asiakastieto Group



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