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GDPR is all about personal data. It’s about what data is collected, used and stored. My right is to be able to find out and understand how my personal data is handled, who can use/see the data, where did all the data come from and how long is it going to be stored and used?

Big questions and important to understand and safeguard. My right is also to be forgotten, unless there are legal grounds to keep my data (e.g. credit information act).

At Asiakastieto we collect information from versatile sources. Such as public authorities, companies, persons themselves, employees and internet. We also collect technical information to logs and analytics, to be able to improve users’ experience. Personal information is also necessary for the account administration, customer support, sales and marketing, business and product development and HR processes.

Our statement is that we are committed to the responsible handling and protection of personal information and to do so transparently, understandably and securely. All this is presented at our new English GDPR pages.

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