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#POPCORN2023 – We are looking outbound and everyone is engaged!


We are in the beginning of an interesting journey in Asiakastieto Group. Asiakastieto and UC combined more than one year ago and during this year we have also acquired the Proff business in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. After the integration time it is now time to look more outbound and create our joint understanding of the future.

As the first guiding principle on this journey was to engage the whole personnel. We have many options to choose from and people can choose how to participate in this process. POPCORN2023 events in the offices, workstreams with deeper focus in one topic and many more! We will gather insight from our customers and other external stakeholders. By doing this we are also developing the forward-looking capabilities in the organization.

Looking outbound means that we want to find out what is happening in our business environment, what kind of changes are our customers facing and how is the work of future different from today. The way of making it – the co-creation method and possibility for everyone to give an input has been welcomed with excitement. People have actively joined the process and great things can be expected!

Looking forward to this POPCORN2023 fall!

Sari Metsänen
Director, Integration
Asiakastieto Group



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