PSD2 and Open Banking

What do they mean to our customers?

Account Insight (PSD2)

The new service of Asiakastieto offers access to bank data – reducing the risk of overindebtedness. 

European banks must open certain interfaces also to other operators in September, at the latest. The reason for this is the PSD2 payment services directive entered into force at the beginning of 2018. Asiakastieto has been building a service, where Enfuce Financial Services Oy is a technical partner. Through Suomen Asiakastieto’s service both banks themselves and third parties can access certain bank data with the permission of the consumer.

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See the video interview where Reetta Sinelampi and Eero Arvonen talks about Account Insight (PSD2) service

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Data, PSD2 and Open Banking

On the video Heikki Koivula and Reetta Sinelampi talks about data, PSD2 and Open Banking. What do they mean to us and to our customers?