Request your credit data

You can check what credit data is stored about you via Omatieto service. Please notice that the service is in Finnish and you need a Finnish bank ID or a mobile ID to log in.

 Go to Omatieto to check your credit data



Request your other data

If you do not have a Finnish bank ID or mobile ID or you want to check what other information is stored about you, use our secure email solution.

  1. Send us email via secure email at 
  2. The service asks for ”Lähettäjä” (Sender). Enter your own email here (you will get your data to this address)
  3. For ”Vastaanottaja” (Recipient) enter 
  4. For ”Aihe” (Subject) you can write Request for own data. In the ”Viesti” (Message) area you can write what information you want to request. 
  5. In order to verify your identity, attach a copy of your identity card. Always use the secure email when attaching your personal identity documents.

You can request the following data besides credit data. Remember to mention what data you want to request:

Company connections


Consumer credit report 


You can also add the following to your request: marketing registry, user data of services, employee data (if you have worked at Asiakastieto). Please notice that when including all of these to your request, the response time might increase. Also please notice that the data will be provided in Finnish.

If you want to check what data is stored in our customer registry, make a request here.


Request your data by mail

We recommend using digital channels when requesting your data. If it’s not possible, you can also fill the following form, print it and send it together with a copy of your personal identity card (e.g. driver’s license or passport) to the following address:

Suomen Asiakastieto Oy
Hermannin rantatie 6
PL 16
00581 Helsinki





Omatieto products and services

You can purchase a credit report in English here.