Is your company Strongest in Finland?

Strongest in Finland companies are pillars of the economy, strengthening and stabilising our economy. The certificate is a sign of a company's positive financial performance, creditworthiness, background and good payment behaviour. Take a look at the Strongest in Finland products and use them to show your customers and partners that your partnership with them is on solid ground.

Strength and stability for the Finnish economy now and in the future

Strongest in Finland certificate tells customers, partners, lenders and other stakeholders that the cooperation with the company is on a solid ground. The certificate enables the company to stand out from its competitors, attract positive attention and strengthen its brand image. Strongest in Finland is a certificate of good governance. Sustainability (ESG) and its reporting has become a permanent part of companies' obligations and practices. Asiakastieto's ESG Report lists the company's certifications from various external sources. The mention of the Finnish Strongest certificate is automatically displayed in the good governance column and is a sign of a well-managed company.

Check if your company is one of Finland's Strongest and buy now

The Strongest in Finland certificate is only rewarded to the best of the best companies that have met the strict criteria and high Rating Alfa credit rating that qualify for the certificate. The following information about the company is analysed when awarding the Strongest in Finland certificate:

  • The company has information on the number of employees and turnover ratio
  • The company is active
  • The company is registered in the Prepayment Register.
  • The company is registered in a VAT register

Of all Finnish companies, 61.4% fulfil these criteria and qualify for either the Platinum, Gold or Silver certificate level of Strongest in Finland.

  • 35,2 % of companies are qualified for the Silver certificate
  • 21,2 % of companies are qualified for the Gold certificate
  • 3 % of companies are qualified for Platinum certification.

See if your company is one of the Strongest in Finland

The various Strongest in Finland products can be used in a variety of ways in a company's business. Different product bundles are available for the Strongest in Finland certificate, depending on how widely you want to communicate your success. You can compare the features of the product bundles in the table below. Each bundle includes those products that are marked with the Strongest in Finland logo. Our experts are happy to help you choose the package that works best for your business.

Strongest in Finland
Exclusive Bundle
Premium Bundle
Classic Bundle
Sertifikaatti Bundle
Reliable partner Bundle
A framed certificate
Company logo
Visibility in the Asiakastieto company search service
PDF certificate

Web Wallpapers

Window decal
Visibility in the Reliable Partner report
Visibility in the Zeckit company search service


  • The framed certificate is personalised with the company name and Business ID and delivered in the selected language. You can choose Finnish, Swedish or English.
  • The personalised company logo can be used in online materials. The logo is delivered in several different file formats.
  • You can find the Asiakastieto company search at Asiakastieto is one of the most popular business search services in Finland. The Strongest in Finland logo will be visible on your company's profile while your subscription is valid.
  • The PDF certificate corresponds in appearance to a framed certificate.
  • New products! You can use the web wallpapers as Teams background images or in your company's social media channels, for example. See the examples »
  • New products! The double-sided window decal is an easy and stylish way to display your Strongest in Finland certificate on a shop window, for example. See the examples »
  • The Reliable Partner report lets your partners and clients see that your company complies with the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability Act. The Strongest in Finland logo will be featured in your company’s Reliable Partner report.
  • The Strongest in Finland logo will be featured on your company’s Zeckit company search profile

The digital certificates will be delivered in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English. See the examples »

You can choose a one-time or ongoing certificate subscription. The ongoing subscription is valid until cancelled. An ongoing subscription requires that your company meet the credit rating and other Strongest in Finland criteria at the beginning of each new subscription period.

Show that you are the Strongest in Finland, in the real world and online

Online customer meetings are increasingly common in many industries. We have added to our product range a set of web wallpapers, which can be used as Teams background images, for example. They offer a stylish way to let your customers know that you are one of the Strongest in Finland. Web wallpapers are a unique addition to our range of digital certificate products!

Instructions and inspiration for using and displaying your Strongest in Finland certificate

You can share information about the certification through your company’s communications. Click the link below for instructions and tips on using your Strongest in Finland certification and how you can utilise it in your company’s communications.

Read more »

  • Finland's Strongest is certified for good governance and visible in Asiakastiedo's ESG Responsibility Report
  • The certificate is a sign of a company's positive financial indicators, creditworthiness, background information and good payment behaviour
  • The certificate is awarded only to the best of the best
  • Various product packages are available for the Finnish Strongest Certificate
  • You can subscribe for the certificate as a subscription valid until further notice or as a one-off order

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