Services provided to contract customers

As a contract customer, you will have access to individual data, as well as services based on the data, online with your own ID. We can also provide automated interface solutions tailored to your needs.

A one-year contract includes:

  • An unlimited number of contract customer IDs for your company
  • A mobile application of Asiakastieto, which makes it easier to search information when you are on the road
  • The broadest selection of reports and specialist services from Asiakastieto
  • Savings in the prices of reports and services
  • A monthly newsletter that will help you keep up with topical events in the credit industry


Become a contract customer

Fill out the form and we will be in touch.



Access rights

All ID-holders have the right to access the credit information of companies. Only those people who require access to personal credit information, for example to grant credit or for credit surveillance, will have access to the credit information of private customers as per stipulated by law. The users agree to follow the regulations and guidelines set for the use of credit information of private customers. When an inquiry on the credit information of a Scandinavian customer is made, the person in question will be informed.

The complete National Insurance Number of a person in charge in a company will only be given to the customers that have a basis for the use of the information, as per stipulated in the Personal Data Act. The National Insurance Number can be used in lending or debt collecting. The applicant will inform and assure that they have the right to use National Insurance Numbers, as per stipulated in Section 13 of the Personal Data Act. Suomen Asiakastieto Oy will invoice an annual sum of 15 € for the maintenance of the access rights to the database of National Insurance Numbers. There will be no charge for the first year.


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