Global risk management and efficient tracking of changes

Services for the exploration of opportunities and support of decision-making over the domestic borders!

We provide you with information from all over the world!

When you wish to expand your operations, it is extremely important that you also have access to the credit information on foreign corporate or private customers. We provide you with comprehensive data for the exploration of your opportunities and support of decision-making, when you aim at international markets. With our services, you can find new international customers, view official and reliable register information and monitor changes occurring in the data of your foreign customers.

Comprehensive company information makes decision-making easier

With the company report, you can view credit information on any foreign company from all over the world. We provide you with company data, foreign credit ratings and companies’ payment defaults data. The data is produced in cooperation with the world’s leading credit information companies. The credit information reports are provided in a uniform and easily understandable format, and the data in them is real-time.

Monitor changes occurring in your foreign customers and partners

Keep constantly track on changes occurring in your customers’ financial standing and receive alerts automatically. The automatic monitoring service relieves resources and minimises credit losses and manual work. Thus, you have more time to boost your business and you are able to function efficiently in a changing situation. Read more »

Do you need official register data or trade register documents?

Our international service offers official and reliable register data directly from the national trade register in each country (for example, European Business Register EBR). Lue Lisää »

International data easily accessible

The easiest way to utilise our international data is by becoming our contractual client.»

Nordic Credit Alliance compiles Nordic credit information for the use of your company. Read more »

Asiakastieto Group is part of the world-wide BIGNet Alliance, through which company data is available from tens of different countries, from the United States to Russia.


  • Comprehensive data to explore your opportunities and support decision-making
  • Automatic monitoring service relieves resources and minimises credit losses
  • Find the best customers and prospects from abroad
  • Real-time and easily understandable credit information reports

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