Know your customer’s background

Knowing your customer is an essential part of well-functioning credit politics. Several lines of business and companies are obligated to know their customers (“Know Your Customer” -obligation). The obligation is based on different laws and industry-related regulations that are enforced to prevent money laundering (“Anti-Money Laundering”) and financing terrorism. It is good to take into account that the obligation also applies to companies that trade with larger amounts of cash.

Identify and know your customers

We offer services for legislative requirements

• Prevention of money laundering
• Prevention of financing of terrorism

Knowing the customer is an essential part of a functional credit policy.

Who does this concern?

• Banks, financial institutions
• Insurance and pension insurance companies
• Asset and fund management companies
• Real estate agents
• Agents of lodgings
• Auditors, tax advisors
• Debt collection companies
• Law offices
• Bookkeeping agencies/auditors
• Veikkaus
• Patent offices
• Cash transactions or exchange: min. 10.000€ (E.g. car and boat trade, auctions, jewelry trade, technical devices)

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  • AML = Anti Money Laundering
  • KYC = Know Your Customer

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