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Domestic calls using land line and mobile phones 8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min (incl. 24% VAT).

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The consumer help desk (Hermannin rantatie 6) will be closed until further notice. Consumers will be assisted by phone on weekdays from 9 to 13 at the number 010 270 7300 and by e-mail at The phone service may be congested at times and the response time for e-mails may be longer than usual. 

Credit information reports and services can be acquired at

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Suomen Asiakastieto Oy


Tel. 010 270 7200
(Mon-Fri 9:00 - 16:00)


Hermannin rantatie 6
P.O.Box 16, 00581 Helsinki
Verkkosaarenkatu 5



Tel. 010 270 7300
(Mon-Fri  9:00 - 13:00)

Hermannin rantatie 6, Helsinki


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We operate transparently and adhere to the principles of copyright protection in all our operations.

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Delivery of financial statements data

Suomen Asiakastieto Oy,
Financial Statements, P.O.Box 16,
00581 Helsinki, Finland



Contents of the financial statements material to be delivered:
profit and loss account, balance sheet,
​​​​​​​signet notes to the accounts and/or audit report.

Technical support (datacommunications control)


tel. 010 270 7200

Supplier:  We only accept e-invoices.
Our e-invoice address is: 003701110279



Hermannin rantatie 6
00580 Helsinki

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