Automate Decision-Making and Monitoring

Enhancement and automation of decision-making

Do you know how much resources the manual monitoring of the customer base and signing contracts tie up? A slow process drives customers away to competitors, and in manual processing contracts are created with different criteria.

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Enhancement and automation of reliable decisions

Manage risks and unify your customer processes.

The customer path has several steps that you can automate to make your business more efficient. With the help of Asiakastieto’s data, you can automate the background checks of the different stages of the customer path, which frees up your time to develop your business. In addition, you can monitor your current customer base, so you can react quickly if there are significant changes in the data. By automating the different stages of decision-making, you will increase your customer satisfaction, because the process of concluding the contract will also speed up.

Automate your risk management

Automate the background checks of the different stages of the customer path and free up your time to develop your business.

Unify your customer processes

You get uniformity and reliability for concluding new customer contracts by automating the processes.

Guarantee the right signatures on contracts

Find out quickly who in the company should be invited to sign the contract.


Would you like to hear more about how you could enhance your customer processes?

Asiakastieto’s objective is to create value for each of its customers in a customised way, respecting the customer's wishes. Communication and understanding needs are the key to successful cooperation. Ask, discuss, and realise with us. It does not require any money from you, but in return for time you can gain a valuable understanding of the different stages and possibilities of decision-making.

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Automation of decision-making

Decision-making automation covers the different stages of the customer path and frees up your own time to develop your business. With Asiakastieto’s help, you can automatically find out the background information important for concluding contracts, measure the credit risk related to the customer and unify your company's decision-making processes. Monitoring is also an important part of customer relationship management, which enables a quick reaction to changes in the customer's information.

Speeding up the customer process

One of the most important steps in the customer path is the smooth conclusion of a contract. If it takes too long to approve the contract and collect signatures, you may lose the customer. With our help, you speed up and smoothen the customer opening process and ensure that all relevant background information has been taken into account before concluding the contract. At the same time, you minimise the possibility of human errors and achieve cost savings by streamlining processes.

Who has the right to sign contracts on behalf of the company?

The customer experience offered by the company has become an increasingly important competitive factor, and the smooth signing of contracts is an essential part of that. When signing contracts with companies, always remember to make sure that the person signing has the right to sign. With our services, you can quickly find out who from the company should be invited to sign the contract, or whether there should be several signatories. With Asiakastieto’s help, you can securely ensure that the agreements made by your company are valid under signature law.

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Services behind the solution

B2B Contract Service

B2B Contract Service has been developed to facilitate secure contract making between companies.

The B2B Contract Service is an automated application processing and evaluation service. It enables handling everything needed in customer interface related to opening an account while minimizing the possibility of human errors in contract processing. The B2B Contract Service is an efficient tool for businesses that engage in agreements requiring signatures, such as companies in retail, wholesale, hotel management, or construction industries. 

The automation of processes is one of the current mega-trends in businesses, and the B2B Contract Service has emerged to meet this need. The service enables cost savings and increased sales through an efficient, fast, and straightforward customer onboarding process.

Decision-making Services

We offer ready-made solutions to enhance online transactions for business and consumer customers. With our help, you can improve the customer experience and make automatic credit decisions.

You grant loans or sell products and services online, such as insurance or hotel rooms, you make similar recurring decisions on whether a business or consumer qualifies for a loan, whether to open a customer account for them, or if more can be sold to an existing customer. Naturally, you want to manage credit risk and ensure that your customer is satisfied with the experience and service they receive. Automating decisions releases the resources of human experts for development work, decision monitoring, and handling the most challenging applications.

Through Asiakastieto, companies make over 30 million business decisions annually!

Signature Check service

Identify the contract signatories reliably and speed up the contracting process. The customer experience offered by a company has become an increasingly important competitive factor, built on a number of different elements. The smooth signing of contracts is an essential part of building a customer relationship. When entering into contracts with companies, it is always important to identify who can sign on behalf of the company. 

The legal signatories of a company are defined in its articles of association and one or more signatories may be required to sign a contract. As people often work in different locations these days, it is a good idea to ensure that your company's contract signing process is in place well in advance.

Monitoring Services

Continuously monitor changes in the payment behaviour and financial status of your customers and partners and receive alerts automatically.

Knowing your customer is all about managing risk and minimising credit losses. Knowing your customers well also helps you to react quickly to changing situations. If, for example, a customer's payment delays become more frequent, the company should suspend the sale of products or services on credit and even prepare for collection action.

With the monitoring service, you can continuously monitor changes in the payment behaviour and financial situation of your customers and partners. The service detects changes in your customer base and you automatically receive alerts without delay. This allows you and your business more time to protect yourself against losses and be more successful in recoveries.