Consumer Credit Information, Credit Classifications and Population Information

By knowing your customers, you can build suitable payment terms for different customers, and you can grow your business profitably. By checking payment defaults and other credit information entries, you significantly reduce the risk of credit losses.

Consumers’ payment default information – an overview of a person’s credit information  

Personal credit information describes the consumer's ability or willingness to pay. Payment default information collected from authorities or directly from creditors is registered as personal credit information in Finland. You will also receive information about the person's possible supervision of interests or business connections.

Did you know that a person with a payment default is 10 times more likely to obtain another payment default in a 12-month period than a person with no payment defaults at all? For this reason, creditors typically do not lend to such applicants – the credit risk is high.

Consumer classifications – a forecast of the probability of payment default risk

Consumer classifications predict the credit risk associated with a person: how likely the person is to receive a payment default entry in the next 12 months. The classifications give a more accurate assessment than just payment default information, because it takes into account not only credit information but also the severity of payment defaults and the person's socioeconomic status. With the help of the classification, you can choose the risk level that suits your business more flexibly than with just strict criteria such as payment defaults. Because of this, classifications in their various forms have reached a wide user base, from online shopping to credit decisions made by credit companies and banks. We help you choose the most suitable service for your company from our wide range of services - whether your company or decision is small or big.

Do you want decision-making to be even more automated? Easily, quickly and inexpensively? Read more

Did you know that you can also use other information in credit decisions? You can use the consumer's account information in decision-making with their consent in our PSD2 service. Information about the consumer's credits, i.e. positive credit information, is also available.

Population Information – do you know your customer?

It is important to know who you are dealing with. Is the personal identification number you received from the customer correct? Do you have the right address for deliveries or invoicing? We help verify the consumer's information in real time with comprehensive and reliable data from the Population Information System. You can automate the service in your own system using the API interface or use an easy online service. With our service, you can:

  • reduce the risk of credit losses 
  • ensure the quality of your customer data
  • improve and speed up the customer experience 
  • fulfil your legal obligations 

Several different industries and companies are affected by the so-called enhanced know-your-customer (KYC) obligation. Read more about knowing the Customer here.

  • Effective use of data reduces costs and improves customer service experience
  • We help you find the most suitable service packages for your organisation
  • You can automate the services in your system using the API interface or use our effortless online service
  • In the decision services, you can define the credit granting criteria suitable for your company. We implement automated decisions for you around the clock
  • In services related to a person, the search factor is the personal identification number

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