Suo­men Asia­kas­tie­to Oy is one of the leading providers of data services for corporate management, financial administration, risk management and sales and marketing. We assist companies in boosting their decision-making processes and customer resource management with automated company and credit data solutions.

Asia­kas­tieto’s developing core is the comprehensive company information database, which contains constantly updating data of Finnish companies, their judicial persons in charge and decision-makers from several public and private sources. By enriching, combining and analyzing individual blocks of data, we offer our clients the opportunity to make the best decisions easily in all phases of the lifecycle of their own customers.   

Transparency and trust

Asia­kas­tie­to is an impartial provider of data, creating transparency and trust into business. This way we secure the operating possibilities of both companies and consumers in matters relating to credits and commerce. We employ approximately 150 professionals in sales, data services and IT.   

Cooperating closely with organizations in the field and leading data service companies in the world we make sure that our clients are given a quick access to the most significant international service innovations.

 Corporate responsibility is a part of business

Our operation is based on the ISO 9002:2015 certified quality system, which is the most widely used in the world and which guarantees the uniform quality of services and the delivery of solutions in accordance with agreements. Continuous follow-up and development of processes and quality are an essential part of the quality system.

As a company quoted on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Asiakastieto has committed itself to comply with authority regulations, laws and decrees. Asiakastieto is a Finnish company, which pays its taxes to Finland.  


As a company, Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s history reaches back to the year 1961, when credit information associations and business banks together with operators in wholesale and retail founded Luottokontrolli Oy to back up hire purchase. In 1988, Luottokontrolli Oy became Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. However, we consider our own activities to have started as early as December 1905, when the Finnish credit information operations can be seen to have begun with the foundation of the association Suomen Luotonantajayhdistys.  

From the beginning of the 20th century to as far as the 1980’s, credit information activities consisted largely of manual data search. The situation started to change at the beginning of the 1990’s, when the authorities began to save data into electronic data banks. The registration of explicit identifiers also made it possible to automatically combine data of companies’ management with company data.

The digitalization of credit data industry can be considered to have begun in 1995, when Asiakastieto and Suomen Luottotieto-osuuskunta launched their new rating services. These encapsulated the basic requirement for new financial data: large quantity of data filtered so that there only remained a credit recommendation, which was as unambiguous as possible. Based on statistical probabilities, a computer could model a company’s creditworthiness fully automatically, in a fraction of a second. Ratings gained more reliability, when an amendment of the Companies Act 1999 obligated all limited companies to disclose their financial statements to the authorities.

In the 21st century, the pace of change has continually accelerated so that at present Asiakastieto’s product range comprises almost solely digital services, constantly processed further, based on a more extensive quantity of data.

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