Ensure the success of your campaigns

New Growth with Customer Understanding

Did your company's sales or marketing campaign spend a significant chunk of the annual budget, but the results were poor? Ensure the success of your next campaign by utilising Asiakastieto’s customisable solutions.

Increase customer understanding

Customer understanding stems from a customer register containing high-quality data. Analyse your current customers and build new target groups with the help of enriched data.

Find the most potential customers

Save sales and marketing time with better quality customer lists and get better results with less effort.

Target campaigns more effectively

Identify different target groups for your company and know where your most potential customers can be found.


Analytics help you to get better results for sales and marketing

When you want to be successful in targeting sales and marketing, it is important to identify the distinguishing characteristics of customers. The more specific target groups you create, the better you can target your message correctly. Segmentation and the creation of target groups should therefore start with a customer analysis that contains enough information, i.e. data about your customers.

Asiakastieto’s objective is to create value for each of its customers in a customized way, respecting the customer's wishes. Communication and understanding needs are the key to successful cooperation. Ask, discuss, and realise with us. It does not require any money from you, but in exchange for time, you can gain a valuable understanding of the possibilities of customer data.

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Find the most potential customers

Have you thought about which channel you should use to approach your potential customers, with what kind of message and who they are? Identifying your target group and potential customers is important so that your sales and marketing efforts are targeted at the right people. With the help of Asiakastieto’s solutions and experts, you can analyse your current customer base, find new potential customers and create different target groups.

Deepen your understanding of different target groups

With the help of customer analysis, you increase your understanding of your customers and create identified customer groups. For example, which things stand out in your best or newest customers, what is important to them, or how do you best reach them. With the help of Asiakastieto’s data enrichments, you can therefore deepen your customer understanding. When you understand your customers better, you can focus on carefully selected customer target groups, activate the hidden potential of your customer register, and truly use it to increase your company's sales.

Target sales and marketing campaigns correctly

Limiting cookies and their possible loss challenges advertisers to think about targeting sales and marketing in a new way. If advertising is done without targeting, it is often expensive and ineffective. With the help of enriched and high-quality customer data and the right target groups, you can target your sales and marketing measures more efficiently to the right channels, reaching the buyers who are important to you in a timely manner.

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Products behind the solution

Analytics services

Do you know who your customers are and how they behave? What makes them choose to do business with you or go to a competitor's door? These questions are the key to understanding your customers, which directly affects your company's cash flow. With Asiakastieto's Analytics services, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers and enable your business to grow sales and marketing performance.

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation provides your business with customer insight, enabling you to identify the relevant prospects that your sales and marketing team should work long hours to attract. Asiakastieto provides your business customised customer segments, giving you very specific target groups for sales and marketing. This will help you reach the most potential consumers and accelerate your business growth.

Consumer target groups

Tele- and direct marketing to consumers is an effective way to make a profit, but at the same time, it requires knowledge of target groups. We utilize multiple databases and public phone number registries when creating target groups for campaigns. For consumer marketing, we also offer ready-made campaign packages that are a quick and effective way to reach potential clients.

In addition to updating, we can enrich the register with segmentation and consumer classification data, which makes possible even more targeted marketing and increases understanding of the characteristics of your customers. Supplemented and fresh data of your customers guide you to develop your sales and marketing to be even more efficient.

Business and decision-making target groups

Find companies and decision-makers who are more likely to be interested in the products and services you offer. With our help, you can do more business and look for companies that resemble your current best customers, for example. Our target group tools utilizes Asiakastieto's reliable company information database.