Consumer target groups

Tele- and direct marketing to consumers is an effective way to make a profit, but at the same time, it requires knowledge of target groups. We utilize multiple databases and public phone number registries when creating target groups for campaigns. For consumer marketing, we also offer ready-made campaign packages that are a quick and effective way to reach potential clients.

Contact the consumer already before they move

There occur as many as 500 000 moves in Finland each year. For sales, this is an opportune moment to offer the mover products and services either before or immediately after the move. Many needs are emphasized especially at the moment of moving, which is absolutely worthwhile for a company to make use of. Moving is also an important moment to get in contact with the consumer for maintaining the customer relationship.

We provide you with up-to-date mover contacts

In cooperation with Posti, we offer mover contacts, with which you can contact the consumer either before or immediately after the move. When the company’s own customers are excluded from the target group, there is an excellent target group available for the acquisition of new customers. The target group can be defined with the area, date of move, house type, and person’s age or gender.

B2C register update

The customer register has to be updated at least once a year, but an update can also be continuous maintenance so that changes occurring in your customer register are delivered as often as daily. Of consumer customers, phone number data can be updated in addition to name and address data. As complementary data also information on death and permanent move abroad are provided. By regular one-off updates or continuous maintenance of basic contact data, you make sure that you always have at your disposal the fresh and up-to-date contact data required by the law.

Enrichment of data

In addition to updating, we can enrich the register with segmentation and consumer classification data, which makes possible even more targeted marketing and increases understanding of the characteristics of your customers. Supplemented and fresh data of your customers guide you to develop your sales and marketing to be even more efficient.

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