Identify and find potential customers
to get the sales curves on the rise

Do you want to identify and find exactly the customers who are important to your business? Want to find out what potential your company's products and services could have? Is your customer register out of date? Our versatile target group tools find the most profitable and potential target groups for sales and marketing campaigns among both business decision-makers and consumers. We also help you ensure that your existing customer registers are up to date.

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We help you to find new potential customers

How to reach potential customers? This issue causes repeated head scratches in companies ’sales and marketing teams. And when requirements for accuracy and cost-effectiveness are added to the question, it is worth turning to Asiakastieto. We help your sales and marketing identify and find exactly the customers who are important to your business.

Find growing and reliable corporate customers

With the Company Filter target group tool, you find companies and decision-makers who are more likely to be interested in the products and services you offer. With the service, you can do more business and look for companies that resemble your current best customers, for example. Company Filter utilizes Asiakastieto's reliable company information database.

Build functional target groups and maintain your consumer customer register

With the Consumer Filter service, you can easily and quickly plan and create consumer target groups. With the help of the definition criteria, you will find exactly the people and households that are worth reaching for. The service allows you to build both local and national consumer target groups.

5 tips for successful customer targeting:

1. Find the right customers for you. The fact is, not everyone is a potential customer for you. The target group tools help you find businesses or consumers who are likely to be interested in the products and services you offer

2. Identify customers. Effective identification of potential customers and a good customer experience support the company's growth. It saves the customer’s time when the background information is looked into already in advance. The customer experience also gets off to a good start when the salesperson shows that they know the company and its key figures. This makes it easier for the salesperson to offer suggestions on how to solve the problem right from the first call. 

3. Target your marketing correctly. Marketing efforts will be wasted if marketing is done to email addresses that are not in use. Marketing costs, and there will be no deals. With the target group services, you keep your customer register up to date.  

4. Analyse your existing clientele. A typical barrier to increasing sales is not knowing what to do. The solution to this problem is to look at what kind of customers you already have in your portfolio. Asiakastieto's target group services provide support for the analysis of the customer base. They allow products and services to be targeted more effectively to the right target group - and existing customer profiles can be duplicated and utilized for new customer acquisition.

5. Maintain your customer registry in accordance with GDPR requirements. As the customer acquisition progresses, name, phone number and address information will start accumulating in the customer register. The customer register is the cornerstone of the entire business and must be maintained in accordance with the requirements set by the GDPR. The target group services of Asiakastieto help to maintain the high quality of the address register. 






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