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Many companies want to have more efficient processes for compliance, for monitoring and for decision making. In these videos, Mikko Karemo, our Debuty CEO, discusses with experts from Asiakastieto and explores solutions for our customers needs.

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Monitoring Service immediately informs you of changes in the customer's ability to pay

In this video Deputy CEO Mikko Karemo and Product Owner Anna Sirkiä are discussing about companies' need for monitoring their customers.

Sanctions control is an important part of a company’s compliance process

Deputy CEO Mikko Karemo and Product Owner Teemu Kettula talking about companies' needs for Compliance and the solutions that Asiakastieto provides for them.

"An important aspect of compliance is knowing the customer. Companies need to know who is behind their customer companies, so that they do not enter into transactions with, for example, persons or companies on international sanctions lists", Teemu Kettula says.

Automation of business decisions brings direct savings

Repetitive business decisions should be automated. The quality of decisions improves, and the cost savings are significant. Deputy CEO Mikko Karemo and Product Owner Pekka Lattu discuss about businesses' needs and solutions for automation of decision making processes.


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