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Developing together: Not a thousand emails but a better way!


Developing together: Not a thousand emails but a better way!

“Data innovations fascinate us. If a single company, an entire branch or other group of companies is facing a common data need without any perception of the most accurate data source, Asiakastieto + UC is willing to take the challenge to find such missing data and the best accessible data source”, Development Manager Reetta Sinelampi says.

Data challenges are almost always common. If one company needs some information to run the business and to be compliant, it is guaranteed that some other company is in need for same information. During the past years, our customers have faced various changes brought by regulation. These changes have meant challenges with the data and processes. To cope with challenges, Asiakastieto + UC has been striving to create a model of proactive development where we together with our clients build the best data innovations to tackle future regulations and road blockers.

“When developing new services together with our customers, we have the greatest opportunity to understand their needs on a more specific level”, Reetta Sinelampi highlights.

Brokers Lendo and Zmarta have been with us in one of the most fascinating projects from its very beginning. We have had several face-to-face meetings with their experts and literally worked together to find the best solutions.

“This is in the core of collaboration! Not a thousand emails but a better way”, says Mikael Leppänen from Lendo. 

Elina Schüler and Satu Härkönen from Zmarta continue: “We are a digital company and want to be agile. Asiakastieto is an innovative company and this is a faster way to get the new features in use.”

So, what have we accomplished together? In the beginning of 2019 Asiakastieto + UC will release a brand-new service which is from its very beginning created together with our customers.

“The service’s main idea bases on the tested hypothesis that we do not have enough income data available in Finland and we just have to do something about it. The lack of real-time income data causes problems within lending automation and lending requirements”, Reetta Sinelampi illustrates.

“Now we have together created the solution which solves the most critical and currently totally manual parts of lending processes to help our customers make better decisions.”




Emmi Paajanen


PR & Content Specialist